Our horoscope predicted you may have some questions.

Q: Where can I find Hottotties?

A: We can be found at some amazing retailers! Come find us at Kohls.com, Bon-Ton, JC Penney & Dillards! 

Q: Who are the Tottie Troopers? 

A: We are a tight crew that focuses all of our efforts on making sure you are cozy all day ‘er day. We also enjoy the occasional bike ride and if we weren’t Tottie troopers we’d definitely be professional star gazers.

Q: Who do I contact about public relations for Hottotties?

A: OMG. We’re so excited. Please e-mail us at hello@hottotties.com

Q: Where are the cozies made?

A: Near and far around the globe we work towards ensuring that every frock has only the best craftsmanship with attention to detail being the number one priority. Designed in North America, made for you Tottie!

Q: How do I become a Tottie?

A: Oh sweetie. You already are!