As much as we love acoustics vibes, EDM with some pop and progressive house influence really get us focused. We so recommend this playlist for your next work crunch or library sesh!

Slow cool beats mixed with soothing vocals that speak right to your insides is our version of music heaven.

Take a peep at our latest playlist we've compiled featuring a few of our favourites.

Drift Tottie… drift. 

Hottotties Playlist

With the weekend at our feet, we've compiled a list of easy to listen to tunes that will keep you in a permanent Sun-daze! Wether your riding in the car, cooking up a storm or laying around, you'll love this Cozy Vibes Playlist. 


Did we miss any songs? What are your go to track?


So we noticed a trend happing with music this fall— heartbreak! No matter where you're at with affairs of the heart, there is a song to help you through all stages of heart ache. We got you covered Tottie! 


Gwen Stefani - Used To Love You 
Besides her looking insanely beautiful in her latest video, Gwen Stefani lays her feeling out on her latest track. Gavin Rossdale really messed up! 



Adele - Hello 
A woman who needs no introduction came back to us with a major heartbreak anthem. Even celebs can't help but share their feelings about it. God bless this woman!  


Oh Wonder - Without You 
This duo got us questioning how we will ever be able to feel normal again. Their sweet melodies will help you figure it out. 


Justin Bieber - Sorry 
The Biebs delivers the apology you wish you got and deserved. This catchy song will have you dancing off your ex in no time. 


Selena Gomez - Same Old Love
Once you've gotten over your latest heartbreak, you'll be determined to find that new love. We hear you Selena! (Sorry Biebs)  


 Did we miss any? What are your go to heart ache jams?


October 22, 2015



We were on a Spotify binge the other day and stumbled upon a magical band called Little May. This musical trio brought heaven to our ears for an entire afternoon. So much so that the clock struck 6 and we didn’t even notice!

Known for their dark tangle of raw lyrics, honest and haunting voices, Sydney-based band Little May just released a new single titled Home which we heart!

Home’ arrives as the first cut from their forthcoming debut album and captures an intensity now a solid trademark of Little May’s music.

Our personal favourite track?



Check them out here for tour dates and album news:


We’ve been scanning the internet for our favourite cover artists. Who doesn't like a good cover?! We’ve compiled a short list that we feel meet all of our acoustic needs.

Megan Davies


Her cover of One Direction’s “Steal my girl” with Landen Austin is as smooth and sweet as Mcdonald’s honey. 


Daniela Andrade


Anyone who can make “Crazy’’ by Charles Barkley a sweet blissful melody is alright in our books. Plus she stares right into our soul in this video.

Lennon & Maisy


Just listen. These girls may be young, but they got pipes that will blow your mind. #boomclap

Boyce Avenue


In all honesty we’d be shocked if you didn't know this cover band Tottie. they sing better versions of most song originals. And they are brothers. So cute!


We'd love to hear some of your acoustic cover favs. Drop a comment!