We wanted to take a minute and pay tribute to a few gals we think are killing it, therefore making them Totties.

It was a challenge to keep this list short (There are SO MANY Totties) but here is what we came up with for now.

Our Totties crushes if you will:

DRUM ROLL PLEASE (just bang your hand on your desk , make it believable thanks)



Jennifer Lawrence

 Not only is she a total babe, but this girl seems to always be telling it like it  is. From the reality of female actresses in today's industry, to her love for  carbs, JL knows how to keep it real.

 Total Tottie. 


LUANNA (of Le Happy)




 Lifestyle blogger from the big apple, Luanna is just so cool. We  mean, look at her. And that hair? It’s like a colorist's dream come  true. She is also the voice and face behind one of our favourite  blogs Le Happy one we are constantly visiting on our tea breaks.

 Such a Tottie.


Rebel Wilson Hottotties

One word comes to mind for this Tottie. And no, it's not rebel.

FIERCE. This girl takes life by the wheel and does what she wants when she wants. She projects her beauty (and hilarious jokes) from the inside out with a confidence us Tottie troopers aspire to have.

Also? she makes us pee in our leggings with all her aussie humour. But really.

Tottie Giggles.


Alicia Hottotties


 This gem of a human is an instant Tottie in our books. She is the  design force behind Hottotties and makes our IG look legit. Plus  sometimes she bakes cupcakes and brings them to the office for us  to devour. So that’s cool too.

 High fives to an original Tottie.



stacy anne longenecker Leifshop

 Stacy Anne makes pretty things and we just love what she’s been up too  lately. She operates out of Brooklyn (just happens to be a fave of ours) ,  wears cute glasses (a bonus) and pretty much brings happiness to our  lives with all of her pretty little accessories… Check out her pillows!!

 Tottie Baws. 



Which leading ladies are you in awe of? 

#imatottie Hottotties

We know you've thought about it has kept you up at night. We get it, and it’s something every gal should strive toward finding the answer to.


The answer is right there in the mirror. We know you like a great pair of leggings , otherwise you wouldn't be on this site. With soft leggings, comes tea , and with tea comes cute warmwear …

You get where we're going with this.

Being a tottie isn't so much being one, but FEELING like one.

The task at hand isn't really a task at all. Just be the warmest , coziest , snuggled up version of yourself and that’s it, you’re in for life #imatottie.

Now go on and watch some netflix. (And get some sleep)


August 12, 2015



Welcome to the Tottie times!

We are super psyched that you are reading our first ever blog post! It feels like only yesterday the whole brand was under development and we were up to ears in fabric and mood boards!

The Tottie Blog is made for you! Visit weekly for a dose of inspiration, or to distract yourself from the larger things in life like paying the rent, homework, or cleaning your bedroom.

Believe it or not, we have a few areas of expertise above and beyond keeping you cozy-soft all year long.

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  • Totties – One stop shop for all the babes out there we think are Totties. Example: Olivia Munn. That girl is a hottie AND a Tottie. (See what we did there?)


Have something you want to share on our blog? It could be a recipe, festival experience, or even someone you think is a Tottie!

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