Dairy Free Crepes


Diary Free Crepe

One of our very own Totties happens to be thebomb.com in the kitchen and she is sharing her must-eat, guilt-free, dairy-free crepes.  

What you'll need? 

400 ml Coconut Milk 
3/4 cup All-purpose Flour
2 eggs  
Coconut Oil (to grease skillet) 
Large skillet/ pan 

Some extras if you want to get fancy: 
Maple Syrup (you'll want that)
Blueberries (if you want some fresh bursts of goodness and some antioxidants)
Roasted Walnuts


Mix all those 3 ingredients together, let the batter rest for an hour in your fridge covered. 
Once rested, grease up a skillet with a few drops of coconut oil (or grape seed oil, wtv).  

Once your pan/ skillet is ready to go, whip out your ladle and place a scoop of batter onto the skillet. Make sure the batter is spread evenly.

The cooking time on each side should be around 30 seconds, you will know to flip it when the batter is no longer sticking to the pan, so giggle that pan girl! 

Plate these bad boys, drizzle (or drench) some maple syrup, top with some blueberries and some crushed walnuts. BAMN! Perfection.

Check out our homegirl Andra's amazing recipes  @lunchdesk  



Erica Sabini
Erica Sabini


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