10 Woods Inspired Horror Flicks You Need to Watch this Halloween!


Seeing as we suffer from #cabinfever, we thought it would only be fitting we shared with you some of the creepy flicks that make us question why we love cabins in the woods so much! Slip into your cozy Hottotties, grab a friend, some snacks, a back up flashlight and press play to any of these creepy films (if you dare)! 


Last Cabin To The Left (2009) 
This 1972 remake will have you disgusted, scared and hoping revenge gets served!  


Blair Witch Project (1999)
The low-budget cult classic will have you creeped out and maybe a little nauseous from all the handheld filming. 


The Cabin in the Woods (2012) 
Happy friends decide to take a little trip to the woods. Guess what happens next?


The Woods (2006)
A private all girls school in the woods, with some suspicious characters! Need we say more.   


Straw Dogs (2011) 
Besides starring major babes (James MarsdenAlexander Skarsgård and Kate Bosworth) this flick is a nail biting tale of love, lust and fear. 

Cabin Fever (2002) 
Despite staring Boy Meets World cutie Rider Strong (Sean), there is nothing cute about what goes on in this cabin.  


The Evil Dead (1981) 
This 80s slasher horror flick may seem cheesy but delivers on the blood and madness. Just watch the trailer and you'll see what we mean. 


Wrong Turn (2003) 
A group of people get stuck in the woods with some creepy looking cannibals. This movie is all kinds of Ew! 


Friday The 13th (1980) 
Welcome to camp Crystal Lake, come at your own risk! A definite must watch classic.

Exists (2014) 
Basically Blair Witch Project 2.0. A bunch of friends go to a cabin and stuff goes down, weird stuff! 


Happy Halloween Totties! 

Erica Sabini
Erica Sabini


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