Acoustic Covers to Discover!

We’ve been scanning the internet for our favourite cover artists. Who doesn't like a good cover?! We’ve compiled a short list that we feel meet all of our acoustic needs.

Megan Davies


Her cover of One Direction’s “Steal my girl” with Landen Austin is as smooth and sweet as Mcdonald’s honey. 


Daniela Andrade


Anyone who can make “Crazy’’ by Charles Barkley a sweet blissful melody is alright in our books. Plus she stares right into our soul in this video.

Lennon & Maisy


Just listen. These girls may be young, but they got pipes that will blow your mind. #boomclap

Boyce Avenue


In all honesty we’d be shocked if you didn't know this cover band Tottie. they sing better versions of most song originals. And they are brothers. So cute!


We'd love to hear some of your acoustic cover favs. Drop a comment!

Erica Sabini
Erica Sabini


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